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About the Write It Out® Program and its Services

Write It Out began in 1992 as a motivational and expressive writing program developed by Ronni Miller for individuals of all ages, to foster personal growth by expressing feelings, memories and experiences in writing. These are accomplished through creative exercises designed for the Write It Out® program. Methods used in the Write It Out program are based on medical and psychological research that advocates expressive writing as an excellent tool for wellness. The Write It Out program techniques encourage individuals to let go and reveal feelings, thoughts and experiences for both personal wellness and literary authenticity,

About the Founder

Ronni Miller is an award winning fiction author, freelance writer, playwright, newspaper editor, educator, publisher and entrepreneur. She believes in the healing powers of creativity expressed through writing for wellness, and encouragement as the first step toward success. Trained in writing, theater, dance, and painting, she has studied Jung and James W. Pennebaker’s research work in Expressive Writing. Ronni has her BA in English from Boston University, studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College, and with novelists Arturo Vivante, Francine Prose and James Magnuson. She has published eight books.

Listen here to a 2019 radio interview of Ronni Miller about her life-long love of writing.


PRIVATE PRACTICE Ronni Miller’s sought after approach of encouragement, motivation and expertise affords much more than the production of a book. In private practice you will gain confidence, self-esteem, insight and self-understanding that will benefit your personal growth in addition to a cherished product.

WRITING RETREATS Write It Out offers Writing Retreats in the United States, Italy and elsewhere. They have been called "an experience of a lifetime" to have the time and freedom to write while immersed in another culture and location.

WORKSHOPS Write It Out workshops are held in Sarasota, Florida and other places in the country to provide camaraderie in learning.

ROBI JODE PRESS Robi Jode Press, a cooperative press, has joined the family of services offered by Write It Out to bring clients of the program from inception to delivery of their books.

What people are saying about Write It Out

  • "I really enjoyed being part of your course. It has helped me immensely in dealing with things in a constructive way, and it is something I can apply to my academic writing as well. I want you to know that your classes have opened up a whole new world to me and for that I will always be grateful."
       - Ivis, who has recently attained her Ph.D.
  • "Ronni, in your class, we bypass all the hindrances of being inhibited by "the rules" of proper grammar and punctuation and just write what comes to mind. You tell us to write without thinking about where the story is going and how it will end. This frees our mind to let it go and not worry about what we say. We let the story write itself. Works every time. Not one person in your classes has ever had a blank sheet of paper in front of them after only 5-7 minutes for the exercise."
       - Karen, a cancer survivor.
  • "Ronni, you as my teacher and my muse have been the inspiration to write my poetry. Because of your encouragement I feel more confident to write with confidence because of your teaching and exercises."
       - Judy, a cancer survivor.
  • "Expressive writing has helped me to look into my feelings and fears, some of them very deep in me. In our group we enjoy and share what has come to our mind and pen. Sometimes we laugh, and at other times we try to find what is behind the words. There if no mockery. No criticism. We only receive your subtle guidance and the positive commentaries of classmates."
  •    - Marisa, a translator and media newscaster.

  • "Here's what I experience being in Ronni's classes: Encouragement to dare, education in the discipline of writing well, exploration in safety of personal material/memories, experimentation in courage, excitement when listening to others, expertise by practicing spontaneous writing, excellence in the teacher, effective feedback from other students, empathy for the writing struggles of all, and energy to move forward."
       - Judy, a corporate lecturer.

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